How UNICEF is Helping Haiti’s Orphans

Issues surrounding the exploitation of Haiti’s orphans are increasingly coming to light in the wake of the January 12 earthquake. Fortunately, we have UNICEF on the ground. The organization is setting up a way of systematically identifying and caring for Haiti’s unaccompanied children.  Here is UNICEF in its own words.

“There are still many unaccompanied children who are in the company of other adults and children, and are therefore vulnerable,” said Ms. Bissell. UNICEF and its partners are working to identify these children and direct them to the interim care centre, where they can be safe from exploitation, abuse and trafficking while every effort is made to reunite them with their surviving family members.

“We have specialists on the ground who know how to trace families and reunite separated relatives,” Ms. Bissell said, noting that such reunions have already begun.