Human Rights at the Top of the World

This is nice:

Today, Mogens Jensen takes off to the Himalayas where he will be highlighting the importance of Human Rights and the Millennium Development Goals.

Among all of the equipment in his backpack, Jensen included two unusual items which he intends to take to the top of Mount Everest: the U.N. flag and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The expedition will take place toward the middle or the end of May. Before the ascent, Jensen will participate in a ceremony with more than 60 Danish mountain climbers.

At a press conference in Copenhagen yesterday, Jakob Simonsen, the Head of UNDP’s Nordic Office, gave Jensen a copy of the Declaration and flag.

”It is a great honour for me to cooperate with the UN and bring the Human Rights to the top and commemorate the anniversary. Human Rights affect us all and should never be taken for granted. For me it is a huge motivation factor bringing the Human Rights to the top of the world,” said Jensen.

(image from flickr)