I.A.E.A., Mohamed El Baradei Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Mohamed ElBaradei addressing delegates
at the IAEA General Conference 2005 in
Vienna, Austria.

“The International Atomic Energy Agency and its chief Mohamed ElBaradei won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2005, the prize’s custodians announced today, saying that they hoped it will strengthen the United Nations organization and help stop the spread of nuclear weapons.

“This is a message to all people in the world to help abolish all nuclear weapons,” said the chairman of the prize committee, Ole Danbold Mjos, after announcing the winner beneath crystal chandeliers in a small vaulted room on the third floor of the Norwegian Nobel Institute here. Mr. ElBaradei and the agency will share the prize.

Mr. ElBaradei, 63, has championed the peaceful use of nuclear energy while emphasizing quiet diplomacy in trying to dissuade countries from using the technology to develop weapons.

He has been at the center of non-proliferation crises involving all three states that President Bush once labeled the axis of evil, Iraq under Saddam Hussein, Iran and North Korea.” [Read more]