Iceland’s Sweet Campaign

iceland dessert.jpg

Mark forgot to mention another advantage that Iceland has going for it heading into tomorrow’s Security Council election: dessert. The UN Delegates’ Dining Room — whose fare, particularly for those with a sweet tooth, can do wonders to bring countries together — has been colonized by Iceland with gastronomical gusto. NYT‘s Neil MacFarquhar asks whether this will be enough for a country suffering a banking crisis.

Would two buffet tables groaning with delicacies exclusively from Iceland persuade any of the 192 member states that can vote this Friday that Iceland deserves their support? “Well, they have to try to convince people with pancakes because they don’t have any money left,” said one European diplomat walking past.

Sarcasm aside, a strong commitment to combating climate change will boost Iceland’s credentials more than sweets, but crepes “Icelandic Pancakes Folded with Jam of Mixed Berries and Whipped Cream” certainly can’t hurt.

(Image from flickr user eaortmann using a Creative Commons license)