Inhofe Explains Climate “Hoax”

Grist’s Amanda Little talked to Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla) after the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee’s Feb. 23 hearing about his views on climate change, which he believes to be a hoax perpetrated by the UN and the IPCC. The interview is an amazing insight into how his mind works.

In a nut shell, Inhofe believes that the UN and IPCC are perpetuating a hoax on the world and that climate change doesn’t exist.  Who else is in on it? As Little wisely points out, energy companies, “top executives in all industries,” the Pentagon, evangelical leaders, NASA, NOAA, and governments around the world, who are, according to Inhofe, “tied to the IPCC.”

Why would they possibly do that? Grant money.  A grand global hoax perpetrated by thousands of scientists (and supported by countless others) because they want to tap into some elusive hoard of grant money sitting somewhere. By forming a consensus, aren’t they all competing for the same grant money now? Those who perpetuate this argument should be prepared to look in the mirror. Isn’t the best way to make a name for yourself these days (as a scientist or a senator) to be a dissenter? 

Inhofe has become a self-proclaimed champion of “dissenting” scientists, whose views he published in an EPW “minority report.” The Center for Inquiry did a pretty thorough take down of Inhofe’s report, which included findings that over 80 percent of these “scientists” (almost 10 percent weren’t) had “no peer-reviewed publication record related to climate science.”  In other words, almost all of Inhofe’s crew aren’t climate scientists.  

I wish I could just copy and paste the entire interview, but I can’t. You should read it.