The Israeli Elections–What Happened. What it Means for the Peace Process

Benjamin Netanyahu secured a substantial victory in the Israel’s elections this week. The consequences of this right wing victory will be profound both for Israeli politics and the prospects for a negotiated two state solution — which just became much dimmer.

On the line to discuss what happened in Israel and how it will affect Israel’s future and the prospects of the peace process is Joel Brunold of the Alliance for Middle East Peace. Brunold is an astute observer of Knesset politics and is a powerful voice championing an enduring peace between Palestinians and Israelis. He breaks down the election results and explains precisely how this will damage the Two State Solution. But, Brunold explains that official politics is not the only way to achieve peace. He offers one idea imported from Northern Ireland that supporters of the Two State Solution may rally around.

If you have 15 minutes and want to understand what happened in Israel and what it means for the peace process have a listen.