Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis Facts and Figures

The Japanese government just posted the latest facts and figures on the damage wrought by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Casualties: 10,035 confirmed deaths.  17,443 people are still missing.

Property Damage: 18,776 totally destroyed properties.  108,397 partially destroyed.

Infrastructure Damage: 2,035 damaged roads. 56 damaged bridges. 36 damaged bridges.

International Assistance: 132 countries and regions and 34 international organizations have offered assistance to Japan.

Nuclear Crisis: From the latest IAEA report:

At Unit 1 workers have advanced the restoration of off-site electricity and lighting in the Unit’s main control room was recovered as of 24 March, 11:30 UTC. They are now checking the availability of the cooling system.

While the pressure in the reactor vessel remains high, Japanese authorities are reporting that it has stabilized.

At Unit 2 engineers are working for the recovery of lighting in the main control room, and the instrumentation and cooling systems.

At Unit 3, around 120 tonnes of seawater was injected in the spent fuel pool via the cooling and purification line. The operation was carried out between 23 March, 20:35 UTC and 24 March, 07:05 UTC.

Work was under way for the recovery of the instruments and cooling systems. However, it had to be suspended because three workers were exposed to elevated levels of radiation on 24 March.

At Unit 4, the spent fuel pool was sprayed with around 150 tonnes of water using concrete pump truck. The operation was carried out between 24 March, 05:36 UTC and 06:30 UTC of the same day.

At Units 5 and 6, repair of the temporary pump for Residual Heat Removal (RHR) was completed as of 24 March, 07:14 U