Kabul Hotel Attacked By Suicide Bombers and Gunmen

In what appears to be the most brazen attack in the Afghan capital in months, several gunmen and suicide bombers have attacked the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul. Twitter burst with this information about 2 hours ago. Some sources are saying that 10 people have been killed–and that the fighting is ongoing.

From the BBC:

A guest told the Associated Press that the attack began when many people were having dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, and that he had heard gunfire throughout the building.

The security official told the BBC: “We think there are six suicide attackers who got inside the hotel.”

“We are fighting a very organised group of suicide attackers.”

The Taliban said they were behind the attack, AP reported.

MSNBC has more. Check back on UN Dispatch soon for some analysis from one of our Afghanistan experts who can explain the significance of this particular attack.