A campaign rally for Joseph Kabila. Credit: Joseph Kabila's facebook page

Kinshasa on Edge

Kabila’s term is supposed to end tomorrow. But he may not step down. “Security forces patrolled the streets of Kinshasa on Sunday after the suspension of last-ditch talks seeking a peaceful end to a crisis sparked by the end of Congolese President Joseph Kabila’s mandate. Negotiations to agree on a way forward after December 20, when Kabila’s second term finishes, were halted on Saturday with no significant progress made. Fears of fresh political violence in mineral-rich but unstable Democratic Republic of Congo were running high, with no elections planned and Kabila showing no inclination to step down. Talks are due to resume on Wednesday when Catholic bishops acting as mediators return from a long-planned trip to Rome — a day after Kabila’s term ends. AFP reporters saw security forces posted in large numbers in opposition strongholds and other flashpoints around Kinshasa, the teeming capital of 10 million.” (AFP https://yhoo.it/2hIO2t2)

Aleppo Agreement, Again…The removal of residents from besieged communities in Syria bogged down again on Sunday after rebels opposed to the agreement set fire to buses that were supposed to carry evacuees, while Security Council diplomats signaled that they had reached a compromise deal to send United Nations monitors to oversee the evacuations. (NYT http://nyti.ms/2gZTA3C)