Knowing the secret handshake

Know how I know these guys (slow down, they’re literally all guys) know what they’re doing?  Demonstrated innovation and adaptation.

In the beginning of the break-out session, we were asked to take a piece of paper, fold it, and make a name placard, as our name tags were delayed by FedEx. 

By the end of the session, mine had sadly collapsed on itself, the sides bowing under the minor weight of the peak.  But, I looked around the room and noticed that most of the placards had their top corners dog-eared, keeping the sides taut.  Their placards stood up, proud.

Now there are two possibilities. First, I could just be an idiot, having never noticed this practice in the hundreds of sessions I’ve attended. In other words, this could be a widely accepted practice. Option two, which I’m much more fond of, is that one participant dog-eared his placard, built a new widget (with a scalable idea no less), and the rest of the room used that technology to their own advantage.

Tomorrow I’ll be ready: