Linked Up: A Hypothetical G-20 Speech, Human Rights Down the Toilet, and Really Big Borderless Problems

In the Financial Times, Martin Wolf drafts the speech that Barack Obama should give to the G-20 when they next meet.

Political science professor Sonia Cardenas argues in the International Herald Tribune that Hillary Clinton’s promise not to let human rights concerns interfere with the U.S.’s relations with China on economic, environmental, and security issues was a major blow to the concept of human rights.

And former U.S. ambassador to the UN Jonathan Moore, writing in The Boston Globe, urges the United States to beware the spooky-sounding “larger global forces undefined and unconfined by political geography” that will shape foreign policies in the 21st century. He proposes wonky (and worthwhile) solutions in the form of new “paradigms” and “synergisms.”