Linked Up: Bashir’s Moods, Czech Climate Change, and Non-Congo

Mike Gerson thinks that “Bashir change” might be a better answer than “regime change” to get aid flowing in Sudan again. Pending a tyrant’s change in heart, this seems like a fig leaf.

Martin Bursik, the Czech Republic’s deputy prime minister, urges the EU — of which his country is currently president — not to worry about the infamously climate change-denying pronouncements of the Czech president, Vaclav Klaus. His position on the issue, Bursik points out, brings no clout whatsoever — which this card-carrying Green party member actually does, as the president of the EU’s environment council (even if his country’s government just collapsed.

In Foreign Policy, Jeffrey Herbst and Greg Mills argue the counter-intuitive proposition that “Congo does not exist.” Maybe not, but I don’t think a bunch of “Congwanda”-type entities will dissuade neighbors from violating its sovereignty and plundering its minerals, either.