Linked Up: Famous People Edition

Award-winning author Arundhati Roy is horrified at the “brazen, openly racist war” she sees being waged by the Sri Lankan government against Tamil rebels. Perhaps Sri Lanka didn’t get the memo about that whole “war on terror” phrase.

Rocker and self-described “aging activist” Bob Geldof explains in the FT how part of the reason that the financial system collapsed is because it ran roughshod over the economic well-being of the world’s poor. He doesn’t want to “hang the bankers,” just put them to work toward “enforced co-operation.”

French prez Nicolas Sarkozy, in what Dan Drezner might call another example of France’s “unsurpassed superiority in world politics at doing things that make the global press pay attention to France,” publishes a HuffPo piece urging “coordination and cooperation” to reform the international financial system.

And Thierry de Montbrial, while he may not be famous, has a cool name. He also has a somewhat rambly, if well-intentioned, op-ed in The New York Times, in which he seems to think arranging around “poles” could be the answer to the question of UN Security Council reform.