Linked Up: Mellow, Hope in Haiti, Trash, and Tigers

Roger Cohen praises Barack Obama’s “mellow doctrine” — but don’t call him Mello Yello; he’s a “Kansan-Kenyan cat.”

The Wall Street Journal reports a positive “starting over” for Haiti — optimism tempered with problems, though I’m not as convinced that Bill Clinton is one of them.

And some in Senegal are using a creative building material — trash — to ward off flooding. Wonder if they’re getting any of it from Ghana’s “illicit trade” in the stuff.

UPDATE: Aravind Adiga, author of The White Tiger (a book recently read by me), has a great piece about the Tamil Tigers in The Daily Beast.  Adiga gives a coherent summary of the evolution of Sri Lanka’s anti-terrorist/anti-Tiger campaign, and identifies an overlooked victim in the country’s military onslaught — journalists.