Linked Up: WFP, Development, and North Korea

The Guardian smartly editorializes about the need to fund the World Food Program. Money concluding sentence: “Overseas development aid is about the last thing the developed world should be cutting back on.”

Michael Kleinman summarizes the back-and-forth between Jeff Sachs, Bill Easterly, and Dambisa Moyo on the merits of global development. To only dip a toe in, I’ll agree that the ad hominem attacks — or, of course, the “baby-killer” strategy — should have no place in this debate.

Joe Cirincione says there may be reason to suspect that this round of North Korean bravado may go awry from the usual pattern — but that nonproliferation is in much better shape this time.

And with much talk (including some out of this here typing machine) of China‘s influence on Pyongyang, Fred Weir wonders whether Russia could play a role in halting North Korea’s nuclear program — or whether Moscow is too “perplexed and even scared” of the impoverished and desperate Hermit Kingdom.