Live-Blogging Clinton Confirmation Hearing, Part II


4:23. That’s it! Senator Kerry calls the hearing adjourned. Probably seemed longer if you weren’t liveblogging…

4:17. For those of you who missed the fireworks brief sputterings of heat without much light, Megan Carpentier posts a fairly withering critique of Senator Vitter’s distractions over at Madam Secretary.

4:11. Kerry citing some pretty scary climate change numbers — you can tell he’s serious about this issue.

3:46. Kerry says it’s time to have some fun! Except he’s beginning with Afghanistan…

3:44. At least she understands that there are an “enormous number of bad options” re: Somalia. This is not, of course, reason not to try to figure out the best…or at least the least bad.

3:42. Clinton talking about piracy…she’s not a pirate in disguise, so take serious her support for an international anti-piracy coalition.

3:43.Clinton admits “no wisdom” on how to solve the Somalia crisis. Very fair humility, as it’s an exceedingly protracted problem, but let’s hope she gets the “whole national security apparatus” working on it, as she is suggesting now.

3:41. Feingold and Clinton both were surprised to learn that Somalia is just 20 miles from Yemen. [Evidently, they were both wrong. Commenter Patrick points out that Africa is 20 miles from Yemen, not so much Somalia.

3:34.. UN must be more transparent and efficient, Clinton agrees, but rightly adds that the U.S. must be a “good partner” with the UN and needs to “bear our burden” when we ask the UN to undertake peacekeeping or other initiatives that benefit U.S. interests. A fair description of the U.S.-UN relationship as a “two track agenda.” If we don’t do our part, we can’t achieve a reform agenda.3:31. Building a school counts as foreign aid, Clinton says. And just voiced a desire — and received an invitation from Senator Barrasso (R-WY) — to attend a town meeting in Wyoming.

3:22. Shaheen sets high expectations — she’s pretty confident that a Secretary of State Clinton will “change the world.”

3:21. Welcome to the SFRC, Senator Shaheen!

3:15. Lugar declares he’s going to vote for Clinton’s confirmation; praises her well-informed answers; but brings things back to the CGI connection. Clinton: there’s been an “abundance of caution.”

3:07. Kerry sees light at the end of the tunnel. Looks around at the mostly empty platform before delving into the second round of questions.

3:01. Jim Webb’s got a lot of foreign policy priorities…seems like the former Secretary of the Navy wouldn’t mind the SecState job one day…

2:58. Senator Webb says the “phrase of the week” is “smart power.” More partners and fewer adversaries = a good thing. That’s an equation to believe in.

2:56. Vitter somehow trying a guilt by association by digressing to talk about the 1983 Beirut bombing.

2:53. CGI already has a practice of disclosing its contributions, Clinton reminds Vitter.

2:50. Kerry, your mic is on!

2:48. Some mild sparring between Senators Kerry and Vitter over whether Clinton’s answer to Vitter’s question should come out of the latter’s time limit.

2:45. Clinton’s pithy response: “It’s not unique for spouses of government officials…to work.”

2:44. Senator Vitter worried about connection to Clinton Global Initiative.

2:40. Clinton nods along to some oft-quoted words from SecDef Gates this past July: we’ll be “stronger if we’re better able to promote diplomacy and development, not just our military power,” she says.

2:36. Clinton mentions Dispatch! …well, she said the word “dispatch.” Looks like we’ll be moving down to Foggy Bottom, too.

2:35. Clinton nods along to some oft-quoted words from SecDef Gates this past July: we’ll be “stronger if we’re better able to promote diplomacy and development, not just our military power,” she says.

2:28. Answering a question about U.S. Africa policy from Senator Isakson, Clinton bats down an old myth: “Anyone who thinks our interest in Africa is only humanitarian,” she argues, misses the linkages to national security and other concerns.

2:20. We’re back! And so are (some of) the Senators querying Secretary of State-designate Clinton. The confirmation hearing doesn’t appear to be on CSPAN anymore, so if you want to watch, check out this great CNN live streaming.