Making Sense of the Durban Climate Talks

As you’ve probably read, COP17 concluded in a rather dramatic fashion over the weekend with an agreement that is generally seen as a step forward in the elusive quest for an international climate accord to replace the Kyoto Protocols.  I recently spoke with Andrew Light, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and professor at George Mason University, who puts the agreement hammered out in Durban in context.

Andrew offers some context for the negotiations, runs down the negotiating positions of the major parties, and argues why COP17 should be considered a qualified success.  Have a listen.

UN Dispatch and Andrew Light Discuss Durban Climate Accords by UN Dispatch

And for a deeper take on what countries are doing to lower their carbon emissions check out this detailed post from Climate Progress.  “Multiple multilateralism” to compliment the IPCCC process  seems to right on.