Map of the Day: “Mixed Migration” in the Horn of Africa and Arabian Penninsula

Today’s map comes from the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat. It shows the patterns of asylum seekers, economic migrants and others as they seek to leave the Horn of Africa for Cairo, Israel, and elsewhere.

“Mixed Migration” is a relatively new concept. Here’s how the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat defines it:

This phenomenon reflects the tendencies for an increasing number of people to migrate with greater risks, in search of a better future in more affluent parts of a globalized world. It also indicates that people are on the move for a combination of reasons that fundamentally are related to safeguarding physical and economic security. Conceptually mixed migration includes:

  • Irregular migrants [dislodged by a real and/or perceived inability to thrive (economic migrants) or motivated by aspirations, a desire to unite with other family members etc. Their movement is often organized and facilitated by smugglers, although some move independently]
  • Refugees and asylum-seekers (forced migrants)
  • Victims of trafficking (involuntary migrants)
  • Stateless persons
  • Unaccompanied minors and separated children and other vulnerable persons on the move

RMMS September Map