Map of the Day: South Pakistan Floods

More from the worst humanitarian crisis that no one is talking about.


The map comes from OCHA via BBC, where reporter Aleem Maqbool writes:

I have been travelling through this huge province in Pakistan’s south and here in Badin villages in every direction are totally submerged by water

People here have lost homes and belongings in scenes reminiscent of last year’s floods.

I am at a primary school where people have come to collect food. There is some aid getting thorough but access is a huge problem.

Roads are destroyed and submerged and the real problem is with people who can’t get here. The navy is trying to reach them.

The rain has stopped for now but heavy rain is predicted for the next couple of days.

We began the journey in Karachi and I have never seen the city so quiet. The streets are full of water. There were kids paddling there but there has been a big impact on business and there is rain forecast.