Map of the Day: Who Stands Where On the Arms Trade Treaty

A new website,, just released this nifty interactive map that displays each country’s position on specific parts of the Arms Trade Treaty currently under negotiation at the UN in New York.

The maps can be sorted by a number of categories, such as whether or not states support a provision to restrict arms transfers based on whether or not the end-users are likely to commit gender based violence; whether or not countries support robust verification mechanisms; whether or not small arms, like AK-47s and handguns should be included in the treaty, and more.

This map, below, shows the relative support for including ammunition sales under the scope of the treaty.  ‘Ammunition’, ‘munitions’ and ‘explosives’ refer to large caliber munitions (e.g. missiles) and small caliber ammunition (e.g. bullets for firearms). Green means “agree”; yellow means “moderate support”; red means “no.”


Go to the site to use the interactive features of the map, including country-by-country analysis of who stands where on the Arms Trade Treaty. If all goes according to plan (and that’s a big “if”) the negotiations should conclude by the end of the month.