Megadeth versus Jay-Z

Ever the thinking person’s heavy metal front man, Dave Mustaine articulates to Billboard Magazine precisely how he came up with the name of Megadeth’s next studio release.

“I was watching TV and saw the trucks that said ‘UN’ on them and said, ‘Man, you are so uncool, ineffective, anything,” the singer/guitarist said in a recent Billboard interview. “I thought, ‘Wow, I’ve got to run with this. I got it — United Abominations, ’cause it’s an abomination what they’re doing!”Much like realizing “11 is one louder than 10,” Mustaine experiences a moment of clarity. I just wonder which abomination he considers worse: Eradicating polio or ending obstetric fistula?

Or is it the campaign to reduce childhood mortality rates by two-thirds that gets the ageing rocker’s blood boiling? I suppose he can take his pick. But for his sake, I think he should think twice before he starts railing against the UN’s effort to secure fresh water supplies for a growing planet. For then he’ll have Jay-Z to contend with.