Megadeth’s Mustaine Responds

Earlier this week UN Dispatch offered a critique of Megadeth’s title track to their new album “United Abominations.” The piece got some attention from heavy metal discussion boards, and on the website of Megadeth’s record label front man Dave Mustaine responds to our criticisms. “I would rather feel right and be wrong with the semantics or facts in the song…than to feel wrong and be right,” writes Mustaine in a lengthy post.

Good for Mustaine to admit he misrepresented facts about the United Nations in his song, even if he still feels them to be true. (There is a word for this by the way.)

Also, to his credit, Mustaine sees the silver lining of this little spat:

“Bottom line is I am stoked to see you all having this discussion about things that matter to us all. What a victory…I dig it when [fans] get to have discussions like this because we all win; we all learn something.”

We dig it too. Promoting thoughtful discussions about the United Nations and multilateral diplomacy is what this site is all about.