Morning Morning Coffee: Bombings Everywhere

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>>TurkeyIn the worst case of terrorist violence in Turkey in over five years, two bombs exploded in a pedestrian area in Istanbul on Sunday, killing 16 and injuring over 150. Initial speculation suggested that it was the work of the P.K.K. Turkish jets had attacked 12 Kurdish targets in Iraq earlier on Sunday.

>>IraqIn one of the deadliest coordinated attacks in Iraq this year, four female suicide bombers in Baghdad and Kirkuk killed at least 48 people and wounded 249 on Monday. The Kirkuk attacks were targeted at Kurdish demonstrators at the provincial headquarters, protesting a controversial local elections law. Local Kurds immediately suspected ethnic Turkmen and responded with violence. The Baghdad attacks targeted Shiite pilgrims.

>>IndiaSixteen bombs exploded in Ahmedabad on Saturday killing over 45 people, a day after eight bombs were detonated in Bangalore. Both areas are ruled by the Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party and are growing at a quick clip. A little-known group, the Indian Mujahedeen, claimed responsibility in an email to a TV station.

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