On 14 August 2016 in the Protection of Civilians (POC) site near Bentiu, in Unity State, South Sudan, children play at dusk.

This new data on children who are migrants and refugees will shock you

Unicef revealed some shocking new data on the number of children around the world who have been dislocated. The report, called Uprooted: The Growing Crisis for Refugee and Migrant Children finds that some 50 million children around the world are displaced, including at least 28 million are boys and girls who are fleeing violence.

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The clear majority of migrants–that is, people leaving their country primarily for economic reasons–are adults.

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But about half of all refugees and internally displaced around the world are children. (And, according to the report, about 45% of those kids are from Syria and Afghanistan.)

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There is a whole lot more data included in the report, which UNICEF published ahead of a high profile meeting on migration and the global refugee crisis which will be held at the United Nations headquarters during the annual UN Summit later this month. The report should offer policy makers a data set off which to design policy recommendations to deal specifically with child refugees and migrants, which this report convincingly makes clear deserve a special kind of attention.

Read the full report here.