New Polling Data Shows Americans Overwhelmingly Support Engagement at the UN

Tomorrow, Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee will vote on a proposal that would slash American funding for United Nations.  The proposed legislation would change how the United States pays the United Nations from a dues payment system to voluntary funding mechanism–that is, pick and chose what programs at the UN the USA should fund, and only fund those.

In effect, the legislation would significantly slash American contributions to the United Nations and undermine Washington’s ability to advance its interests at the UN. (Interests, it would seem, include a renewed push for international sanctions on Iran).

If that sounds out of the mainstream–well, that’s because it is! New polling data from a bi-partisan team of polling firms shows that more than eight out of ten voters (86%) say it is important that the United States maintain an active role within the United Nations. Also, the data shows that voters across the political spectrum overwhelmingly believe that the U.S. should pay our dues to the UN (64%) and UN peacekeeping operations (71%) on time and in full.

The bottom line is that Americans support the United Nations more than a certain cadre in Congress might think they do. And Americans certainly reject radical legislation that would effectively undermine America’s ability to get things done at the United Nations.

See for yourself. Here’s the full data set.

Fall 2011 UN Polling Memo