New Syria Resolution Might Back Russia into the Corner

The diplomatic gambit to press Bashar al Assad just got a little more interesting. You may recall that the Security Council has been paralyzed on Syria because of a split between Russia and the West.  That may soon change.

Reuters is reporting that the the “P-3” are working with Qatar and Morocco to draft a Security Council resolution that endorses an Arab League plan to have Assad step aside and appoint a deputy as the first step in a political transition in the country. Morocco is the only Arab member of the Security Council, so their support is crucial. Qatar is the de-facto head of the Arab League. This would very much be an “Arab League resolution.”

The Arab League approved its Syria plan last week. Assad literally laughed it off, which is why the Arab League is looking to the Security Council for political backing. If the Security Council resolution is endorsed by the Arab League, Russia will have a very hard time using its veto. Countries rarely wield vetoes in the face of such clear local and regional support.

There will be some intense diplomatic maneuverings shaking down in New York this week. If this passes, it could be the beginning of the end for Assad.  And if that happens, the League of Arab States will have had an incontrovertible hand in deposing yet another ruthless Arab dictator.

Photo Credit: Milano 26 marzo 2011