New UNF Insights: Season of the Peacekeepers

The new issue of UNF Insights is now available online (pdf). But first, some trivia:

How many UN peacekeepers are deployed around the world?

In which country are the largest number of peacekeepers deployed?

What country is the largest contributor of peacekeepers around the world?

There are about 6,600 troops in Haiti, from which two countries do the bulk of these peacekeepers hail?

How does the United Nations pay for peacekeeping operations around the globe?

How much does the United Nations Peacekeeping reimburse a troop contributing country per soldier, per month?

In August, the Security Council voted for three new peacekeeping missions. In which countries would these new missions be deployed?For the answers, read the new UNF Insights. The issue investigates the role of UN peacekeeping operations around the globe and finds that after some setbacks in the 1990’s peacekeeping is now building a successful track-record in some of the world’s hottest conflict zones. It also finds that because of these successes (and because much of the western world’s militaries are committed in Iraq and Afghanistan) UN peacekeeping is increasingly in demand. The question, therefore, is whether or not member states will meet their financial obligations to peacekeeping so as to sustain peacekeeping’s recent successes.

For more on why member countries would be wise to fully support UN peacekeeping, read the report in full.