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Can This Latest Round of North Korea Sanctions Do the Trick?

Last week, the Security Council passed yet another sanctions resolution aimed at curbing North Korea’s nuclear program. These newest sanctions come on the heels of Pyongyang’s testing of a nuclear weapon in September. This newest tit-for-tat comes less than a year after the Security Council imposed the most intrusive sanctions regime ever imposed which followed a previous nuclear test in January.

So will these newest sanctions work?

On the line to discuss the sanctions and international diplomacy on North Korea is Mark Tokola the vice president of the Korea Economic Institute of America. He’s a long serving American diplomat and we spoke a day after the Security Council passed the new sanctions resolution. We kick off discussing the implications of those sanctions before pivoting to a longer conversation about his globe-spanning career. Mark’s last posting was to South Korea and we end with some discussion about the political upheaval underway there and whether or not Ban Ki Moon may run for president next year.

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