Ollie on UNCLOS

In the midst of an anti-Law of the Sea diatribe on Human Events Online, Oliver North reveals he knows little about what he speaks:

[The Law of the Sea Treaty] also opens the door to a long-sought U.N. goal: the redistribution of wealth by taxing Americans. The International Seabed Authority, a bloated, multinational bureaucracy headquartered in Jamaica, has the mandate to distribute revenues and “other economic benefits” on the basis of “equitable sharing criteria, taking into account the interests and needs of developing states.” (emphasis mine)

For the record, the International Seabed Authority has a budget of $5.8 million a year and about 40 employees. Human Events, by contrast, has a larger staff. Also, contra North, the International Seabed Authority does not have the authority to tax American citizens — even so, that would require more employees!

Hat tip, Scott Paul