On the lighter side…


The NY Times has published a cool graphic displaying the history of the Olympic torch. What struck me immediately is the clear delineation between the torches made after 1990 and those made before. Have we just gotten more design conscious, or are the photos of the new torches just better?

Check out this description:

Montreal – Summer 1976: The torch designers began to consider the torch as part of the television coverage of the Games: The top of the torch is black to make the flame more visible in photographs and the logo is prominent on the handle.

The logo is prominent on the handle!

In comparison, according to the accompanying audio, narrated by reporter Phil Patton, the Beijing torch is “a long, red thin item that resembles a rolled scroll and is decorated by swirling graphics, known as ‘happy clouds,’ said to reflect ‘vivid distance’ — a very good description of how China is presenting itself to the world with this Olympics.” was is designed by Lenovo.

The design process for the Vancouver torch has already begun. It’s to be the “cleanest and greenest torch ever.”