On the Road: Blogging the Women & AIDS Tour – Part 1

Empower Women, Save Lives: Women & AIDS U.S. Tour
March 3, 2005

Laura Rogers: Director of Advocacy & Communications/Global Health, UNF
Jessica Bernstein: Communications Associate, UNF

We’re mid-air on our way to Nashville, Tenn., on the second day of the women & AIDS Tour after a grand kick-off in NYC. We had been looking forward to meeting the women on the tour for months and they are every bit as inspiring, intelligent and compelling as we thought they would be. Princess, Michaelle, Violeta, and Frika are so full of life. It’s amazing to see them connecting with and educating Americans. As they share their powerful stories, we know that they are each unique, and yet share many similar ties to those of millions of women throughout the world. From Zambia to Nashville, from Haiti to Washington, DC the message is the same: the face of AIDS is increasingly young and female. There is so much that you can do to become a part of this effort. Start by signing the Global Call-to-Action and then make a contribution. Show that girls count by standing up and being counted. As soon as we land, we’re off to another VIP reception. More news tomorrow.

Laura & Jessica

For more information, visit the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS website.