On World Food Day, Changing Lives One Meal at a Time

Today is World Food Day, in which we recognize the crucial work of the UN’s World Food Program.

The WFP is a flagship global humanitarian agency. It has the capacity to move food quickly into some of the harshest and most unforgiving terrain. I am told that the only entity with comparable logistical capacity is the United States military. But instead of sending soldiers and arms around the world, the WFP sends food. It aims to serve 96 million beneficiaries in 75 countries around the world.

What makes the WFP’s work all the more impressive is that it does this all through the voluntary contributions of donors.  It is not supported by dues payments or anything like that. It is basically a charity that relies on governments, individuals and some foundations for donations.

You can help.  For World Food Day, WFP has launched a unique online fundraising drive. Watch this video and take the quiz and a school meal will be pledged in your honor.