WATCH: This PHD Student in Colorado is Stuck in an Airport in Jordan With Her Baby. (Because, Travel Ban)

Meanwhile, she is indefinitely separated from her other children and husband who are at home in Fort Collins, Colorado. A local news station captures her story.

Yesterday, the UN Refugee Agency said some 20,000 people awaiting resettlement to the USA will be affected by the total ban on refugee admissions that this executive order imposes for the next 120 days. These are people who have already been cleared for resettlement. But the number of people affected by this executive order is far wider than refugees awaiting a new life in America. Rather there is an untold number of people from those seven countries, like this student and her baby, who have just had their visas revoked based on nothing more than their national origin.

Here is an older American citizen who was awaiting the arrival of his brother from Iran at the Los Angeles airport. His brother is now about to be deported.

And this Doctor’s wife, who has a valid visa, could be sent back to war torn Syria. (Which would be illegal under international law).

These are just a few stories of lives that have been upended by this cruel executive order.