PODCAST: Why American Funding for the UN is a Bargain

It’s budget season in Washington, DC. And this year (like last year) the White House has requested massive cuts to foreign affairs spending in general, and to the United Nations in particular.

The Fiscal Year 2019 budget request from the White House asks for about a 30% overall cut in non-military international affairs spending over current spending levels. Congress, which ultimately controls the purse strings, has largely pushed back against these more draconian spending measures.

On the line with me to discuss how the United Nations fits into the US budget and spending debates ongoing in Washington, DC is Peter Yeo. He is the President of the Better World Campaign and Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy at the United Nations Foundation. He was a longtime congressional staffer and knows the ins and outs of the foreign affairs budget and the UN budget process as well as anyone in D.C.

Peter Yeo discusses the UN budget process and explains how American funding for the United Nations ends up being a pretty good deal for the United States.

If you have twenty minutes and want a good, explanatory take about one of the most important financial relationships in world affairs then have a listen.

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