credit: Ivan Duque's facebook page

PODCAST: Colombia Has a New President and he is Opposed to the Peace Deal

Ivan Duque won a run-off election on June 17th to become the next president of Colombia. Duque is a right of center politician who has been a sharp critic of the peace deal negotiated by president Juan Manuel Santos that ended a half century long conflict with the FARC rebels.

Duque will be sworn in on August 7th, and that of course raises the question: what happens to this peace deal now that the president of Colombia is on the record opposing it. Can the deal survive? And what comes next for the country?

On the line with me to answer these questions and more is Provash Budden, the America’s regional director for the NGO Mercy Corps.

We kick off discussing the unique political history of Ivan Duque and then have a longer conversation about what his election means for the peace accords.

If you have 20 minutes and want to learn how this political newcomer may upend the hard won peace, have a listen.

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