PODCAST: The David Miliband Interview

David Miliband is President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, the large global humanitarian organization that, among other things, serves refugees and advocates on their behalf. David Miliband is also, of course, the former foreign secretary of the United Kingdom, from 2007 to 2010, and served in several positions in the Labor government of Tony Blair.

His new book is called Rescue: Refugees and the Political Crisis of Our Time.  The book serves as a helpful entry point for anyone who wants to learn more about the global refugee crisis. It also offers a reflection on his family’s own refugee experience: Miliband’s mother and father were Jewish refugees to the UK who escaped Nazi controlled Europe. In our conversation Miliband describes how growing up the child of refugees influenced and informed his own career in politics and now as an NGO leader.

We kick off with a conversation about his new book and have a longer conversation about his life and career, with some fun and interesting digressions along the way.

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