Trump breaks the deal

PODCAST: Journalist Laura Rozen on the Demise of the Iran Nuclear Deal and What Comes Next?

No journalist covered the ins and outs of the negotiations over the Iran nuclear deal as closely as Laura Rozen. She is a reporter with the middle east news website Al Monitor and in the negotiations that lead up to the July 2015 deal, her reporting and high volume Twitter feed were an essential resource to anyone wanted to know the pulse of these negotiations.

Now that the pulse may be turning to a flatline after Donald Trump’s announcement that the United States is withdrawing from the nuclear deal, I wanted to reach out to Rozen to get a sense of what happened and what comes next?

In this conversation we discuss the demise of the JCPOA, how Iran and Europe are reacting to this development and how diplomacy on this issue may evolve.

This was not terribly unsurprising that the Trump administration would pull out of the agreement. But it is still a shock to the international system for reasons that Laura Rozen and I discuss. If you have 20 minutes and want to understand what the fallout from this move might look like, have a listen.

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