PODCAST: Suzanne DiMaggio’s “Unofficial” Diplomacy With North Korea and Iran Have Lead to Major Breakthroughs

Suzanne DiMaggio specializes in what is called Track Two Diplomacy with countries that have limited or no diplomatic relations with the United Stats. In practice, this has meant that she’s spent countless hours over the last nearly twenty years in meetings with North Koreans and Iranians and those encounters have lead to some major diplomatic breakthroughs.

We kick off defining our terms. She explains what track two diplomacy means, as opposed to, say “back channel” diplomacy. We then preview an upcoming major summit between the Kim Jong UN and South Korean president Moon Jae-in. And that meeting, of course, will lay the groundwork for the Trump-Kim meeting, which we discuss in detail.

As diplomacy with North Korea intensifies in the coming months, Suzanne DiMaggio is someone you will see quoted often on TV and radio and so I also wanted to use our conversation to learn how she first got involved with this kind of unique diplomatic endeavor. She has some great stories to tell.

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