PODCAST: The UN just wrapped up Its first-ever oceans conference. Here’s What happened.

Gregory Stone once lived underwater for 30 days. He is an ocean scientist and author who has spent a career studying and advocating on behalf of our oceans. He’s now with an executive vice president with  Conservation International  and is one of the world’s leading authorities on ocean health and ocean conservation.

We caught up just as a big UN conference on oceans was wrapping up in New York. This was the first-ever UN conference on Oceans and ocean health and we kick off discussing some of his takeaways from that meeting.

We also discuss his life and career and where his love for the oceans all began. And we have some great digressions along the way about scuba diving in the Antarctic, the first time he saw up close the effect of climate change on coral reefs and why plastic is such a nemesis for our oceans.

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