Poisonings and Assassinations of Afghan Women

This absolutely defies comprehension.

Don’t miss Una’s post on this topic. A few weeks ago, she noted.

In 2009, dozens of schoolgirls in Kapisa province were hospitalized with similar symptoms, and, in an attack that elicited international outrage the previous year, fifteen female students in Kandahar were sprayed with acid as they walked to school.

A study of nearly 700 attacks on schools in Afghanistan released by the aid organization CARE International in November 2009 found the education of girls to be the most significant risk factor for violent targeting by militant groups. 

Meanwhile, Afghan human rights activist and government official Ranna Tareen forsee’s her own death

“They [Taliban] are no longer warning me by phone or letter; instead they come to my office and intimidate me in person. They operate with impunity and the government is unable to stop them….

“Kandahar has lost a lot of its brave women over the past few years: Sitara Achakzai [provincial council member killed in April 2009], Malalai Kakar [top female police officer killed in September 2008] and Safia Amajan [head of women’s affairs department killed in September 2006].
“I see my death too. What annoys me is to see no one cares about it.”

Maybe it’s time to talk about Gendercide in Afghanistan.