Potential agreement on financial support reached in Cancun, SG to open High-Level Segment tomorrow, and more from UN Direct

SG in Cancun: The SG leaves for Cancun tomorrow morning, where he will address the High-Level Segment of COP16/CMP6. The UN is reporting that the two bodies negotiated draft decisions over the weekend related to financial support to developing countries’ efforts in adaptation and mitigation, including technology transfer projects.  Countries also agreed to strengthen education/training and public awareness on climate change, as well as engage civil society in the climate change process.  These are expected to go to the final plenary for adoption on Friday.  Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC’s Executive Secretary, stated that, “Faster and more effective action on climate change requires governments to welcome the fresh ideas and active participation of all sides of civil society.”

Humanitarian Efforts in Pakistan: USG Amos wrapped up her four-day Pakistan trip.  Due to the recent flood crisis, Amos urged continuing support to Pakistan, noting, “The world’s attention is waning at a time when some of the biggest challenges are still to come. Millions of people need continued assistance in terms of health care, education and agricultural support.” The UN recently launched the revised Flood Emergency Response Plan, calling for $1.94 billion. $958 million, or 49% of the funding requirements, has been received.

OCHA: December 13-14 OCHA will convene its Annual High-Level Conference on the CERF.