Promise of Copenhagen


UN Dispatch is joining thousands of blogs across the world for the 2009 Blog Action Day on climate change.  I have one simple point to make:

We are just over one month before the start of the climate change talks in Copenhagen in December.  If the world can come to an agreement that curbs the unsustainable trajectory of global warming, it would present a potentially transformative moment in world history.  Think of it. A deal at Copenhagen would show that 180 or so nations from wildly different backgrounds and with competing interests could, in fact, coalesce around a common purpose.  The threat of climate change is so great, and impacts so many countries, that collective action is required. A deal at Copenhagen would show that the international community could move beyond this collective action problem and form a truly global response to a global problem.   This isn’t being Utopian, just practical.    And if we can come together on a solution to an issue as complicated as climate change, think of what else might suddenly seem possible?