Snarky Reactions to Obama Cancelling Egypt Military Exercises

The big policy announcement from President Obama today was the cancelation of a planned joint military exercise next month. There was a decided lack of enthusiasm for this policy among experts and masses on Twitter. The dominant reaction among media and experts to President Obama’s much anticipated speech on Egypt today was….snark.

@MichaelDWeiss Canceling a military exercise. Sort of like postponing a bilateral summit in the midst of the G20. Take that.

@TomGara U.S announces it it cancelling brunch with Egypt this weekend.

@JoshRogin Seems like the Egyptian military is a bit too busy at the moment to do the exercise anyway.

The snark reflects the impression that the punishment (canceling a planned military exercise) did not fit the crime (massacring over 500 protesters.)  The key question is to what extent can the Obama administration dissuade this violent crackdown from continuing? The prospects look dim, and we may find out tomorrow as people leave Friday evening prayers.