Responses to Latest Sexual Assault Crisis in DRC; Somalia Attack Condemned

DRC: the SG has issued a statement today in response to the rape and assault of at least 154 Congolese civilians during an attack by armed elements of the Mai-Mai and FDLR in eastern DRC earlier this month, expressing his “outrage”, calling on armed groups in the DRC to lay down their weapons and join the peace process and calling on the government of the DRC to investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice.  He has decided to immediately dispatch ASG Atul Khare, Officer-in-Charge of DPKO to the DRC, and has instructed Margot Wallström, SRSG for Sexual Violence in Conflict, to take the lead in the UN’s response and follow-up to the incident.  Wallström has also issued a strongly-worded statement “condemning the rapes in the strongest possible terms”.

Somalia: Augustine Mahiga, SRSG for Somalia, today condemned the attack on the Mogadishu hotel, in  which several civilians, including Members of Parliament, were killed.  The Security Council also issued a press statement condemning the attack and reiterating their support for the Transitional Federal Government & AMISOM.