Russia Calls for International Pirate Court

Russia might be lukewarm on the ICC, but, according to Russia Today, it is more open to the idea of a pirate court, as its Prosecutor General’s office is pushing for the creation of a UN special tribunal to try Somali pirates.

The UN has responded with refreshing unanimity on the pirate issue, but I don’t think a Yugoslavia or Rwanda-style tribunal is in the offing just yet. Those institutions — in addition to being a little on the costly side — are also meant for national reconciliation. Creating a pirate court, on the other hand, would do little to help reconstitute Somalia’s shattered law and order system and curb the piracy pandemic. Existing methods of justice, involving extradition to countries with reliable court systems, will likely prevail for now.

Just imagine what Samuel L. Jackson could do in a good pirate court scene, though.