Saying ‘Enough’ to Genocide and Mass Atrocities

by John Prendergast and Julia Spiegel

Since the conflict in Darfur erupted in early 2003, students, religious groups, politicians and concerned citizens around the world have spoken out to try and help bring an end to the suffering in Western Sudan. Sadly, Darfur continues to burn, but many of us who have worked for decades in African crisis zones have been deeply inspired and moved by this groundswell of support and action on behalf of the people of Darfur.Recognizing the potential for activists and concerned citizens to make a difference, and committed to the idea that these horrors are not inevitable and can be stopped, a group of us joined together to work toward creating a new paradigm for action.

The result was the ENOUGH campaign, co-founded by the International Crisis Group and the Center for American Progress, to prevent and resolve genocide and mass atrocities. Launched in March 2007, ENOUGH’s mission is to mitigate and resolve these crises through the synthesis of in-depth field analysis, high-level advocacy and grassroots activism.

ENOUGH is initially focusing on the crimes against humanity in Darfur, northern Uganda and eastern Congo — three of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. Africa is the frontline for ENOUGH’s attention, not only because of the grave challenges there, but because of the opportunities as well. In each of these cases, ENOUGH employs a “3P” crisis response strategy that focuses on promoting durable peace, providing civilian protection, and punishing perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

Our challenge, however, goes beyond stopping genocide and other crimes against humanity today; ENOUGH is also focused on what can be done to prevent the crises of tomorrow. Bringing to bear three key elements — analysis, advocacy, and activism — ENOUGH will focus on the policies, tools, and investments needed now to prevent these crises in the future.

Our work is premised on the firm belief that if we create enough noise, politicians will listen. If we hold leaders accountable, they will take action. And if we put forth actionable solutions, the world won’t so readily turn a blind eye.