Senators Propose Sweeping Measure to Defund the UN

Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham introduced legislation yesterday that would prohibit the United States from funding any United Nations entity unless or until the Security Council rescinds last month’s resolution condemning Israeli settlement expansion. The resolution would affect every UN specialized agency or affiliate, including (but not limited to) UNICEF, Peacekeeping, the World Bank, the World Food Program the International Atomic Energy Agency and more. (UN Dispatch


Anglophones On Strike…The strike by English-speaking professionals in Cameroon has taken another turn with the government shutting down an independent radio station. The station hosted a discussion of what the striking lawyers and teachers say is the overbearing use of French in the bilingual country. Cameroon is officially a bilingual country but only about a fifth of the population speaks English. Professionals in anglophone parts of the country complain that English is being sidelined. For example, they say the government has failed to provide official documents in English as well as French. Teachers are also demanding reforms amid what they say is the proliferation of French-oriented schools. However, the months-long strike has actually pushed some families in affected areas to move their children to French-speaking schools so they won’t miss the academic year.(VOA


Ban for president? Former Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon arrived back home Thursday in South Korea amid mounting expectations that he will run for president. (VOA


If you have 20 minutes and want to learn more about the crisis in Turkey, have a listen to this Global Dispatches podcast episode.