5,000 Palestinian Refugees Go Missing in Syria

As the press here in the United States pointlessly focus on whether or not the President should call for Bashar al Assad’s ouster as president, the carnage continues in Syria. The latest is the shelling of a coastal city, Latakia, which is home to a large Palestinian refugee problem.

The shelling began four days ago. Now, the UNRWA — the UN agency charged with supporting the humanitarian needs of  Palestinian refugees — says that at least 5,000  Palestinians have left camps in the city and are missing.
Here is a clip of UNRWA spokesperson, from the BBC:

Perhaps of interest is that this latest move has caused the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah to issue a rare rebuke of the Syrian government. An aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said the attack on the camp amounts to a “crime against humanity.”

In the meantime, I do wonder when the Turkish government will realize that Assad is apparently very content to ignore to Ankara’s entreaties.