The SG; ECOSOC, Lebanon

The SG: The SG leaves for Toronto Thursday for a Global Summit on maternal, newborn and child health in support of Every Woman Every Child. The summit will highlight strengthening health and statistics systems, scaling up nutrition, reducing disease burden in developing countries, and private sector partnerships. The SG returns to NY Friday.

ECOSOC: ECOSOC’s inaugural Integration Summit, held this morning, aimed to connect the environmental, economic and social pillars of sustainable development.In his remarks, the SG discussed the connections between urbanization and sustainable development and their importance in accelerating the MDGs, shaping a long-term development agenda and forming a global climate agreement.

Lebanon: The SG called on Lebanese leaders to promptly ensure the election of a new President after the Parliament failed to elect one within their constitutional timeframe.UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Derek Plumbly, met with the International Support Group for Lebanon and, speaking on their behalf, thanked President Sleiman for his service to Lebanon and called on leaders to be sure the government can still act effectively and uphold Lebanon’s international obligations.

Syria: A humanitarian warehouse was attacked Saturday in Duoma. USG for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos condemned the attack and called it a blatant disregard for international law.

South Sudan: About 80,000 havefled to UN mission protection sights since December, according to UNMISS. Overcrowding and the rainy season have turned these 9 protection sights into breeding grounds for diseases, namely Cholera. Earlier in the month, South Sudan’s Ministry of Health declared a cholera outbreak and is working with WHO to respond. Also in South Sudan, UNHCR reports more than 1 million have been displaced within the country in response to continued violence and 4 million are now at risk of food insecurity.

Mali: Malian authorities, MNLA, HCUA and MAA signed a ceasefire and agreed to begin negotiations for the Preliminary Agreement of Ouagadougou after a mediation with SGSR in Mali Albert Koenders, the President of Mauritania and the chairman of the African Union.   

Somalia: Though UNICEF contributes to 70 percent of health services in Somalia, they may be forced to suspend these services in a month without funding—the operation is now only 10 percent funded. To continue the most basic services in the country for the rest of 2014, UNICEF needs $12.5 million.

International Labour Organization Report: Released today, the ILO’s report “World of Work 2014: developing with jobs” finds higher economic growth and lower income inequality when there is investment in quality jobs and reducing vulnerable unemployment.