The SG; Security Council; Mali

The SG: The SG attended the opening of the Shanghai Centre for Maternal and Child Health and spoke at a lunch event for Every Woman Every Child in China today. He will return to NY tonight.

Security Council: The SC failed to adopt a draft resolution to refer the case of Syria to the ICC this morning—Russia and China vetoed the resolution. This afternoon, the SC added Boko Haram to the 1267 al Qaeda sanctions list after no objections were made from council members.

Mali: Following a government declared ceasefire last night, MINUSMA, ECOWAS, the African Union and members of the Security Council are coordinating to formalize the ceasefire.

CAR: Babacar Gaye, the SG’s Special Representative in CAR, called on all parties to disarm and work toward a peaceful demobilization and reintegration. The government presented a national reconciliation strategy to the international community yesterday, and SGSR Gaye emphasized UN support for implementing that strategy promptly.

DRC: The SG’s Special Envoy for the Great Lakes, Mary Robinson, said there was progress in the region with demobilization and reintegration of former rebels but that efforts should be accelerated.

Balkans: Though flood waters have begun receding in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia still remains at high risk. UN agencies continue to coordinate with local authorizes in providing coordination support and relief supplies.

Thailand: The SG called for a return to constitutional, democratic rule and inclusive and constructive dialogue following the recent military takeover in Thailand.